Each Kronos time piece is a watch with a proud tradition stretching back to 1930. Designed and assembled by ‘Swiss Union’ (established 1880), every Kronos watch has precision at its core. The Kronos tradition has witnessed close to nine decades of European history from its global headquarters in the majestic city of Barcelona. Kronos watches have been collected, treasured and enjoyed by generations of admirers.

Kronos is owned and managed by the 6th generation of the Vendrell family to run the company. To them Kronos is not a business, it is a passion for creating handsome wrist watches at a reasonable price.

At Kronos we believe that everyone deserves a little piece of European luxury. Kronos design centre fully occupies the former premises of the president of Catalonia, itself a style icon, known and admired for its exquisite design features. We chose to be here because we know that the correct environment inspires excellence and we hope you’ll choose to experience the pleasure of wearing one of our watches designed and built in Europe.